Prayer of the Heart Through Holy Work of the Hand

Prophecy Designs Icons by the hand of Kristina Maria Sadley prayerfully creates painted images — handwritten Icons — on commission to individuals and churches, in the ancient Byzantine tradition: on wood using egg tempera, all-natural pigments, and 24k gold leaf.  Prophecy Designs Icons also conducts Icon Retreat Workshops and Presentations on the symbolism and theology of Christian iconography, to bring Glory to God now and forever.


A lasting treasure of love & prayer, Icon commissions are available for your home or church.


Icons of Christ, the Mother of God, Angels and Saints, and the Feasts of the Church are portrayed for prayer and contemplation.


Retreat Workshops & Presentations are offered to teach the ancient sacred tradition and the symbolic associations of the Icon.

Meet the Iconographer

Kristina Maria Sadley

Iconographer Kristina Maria Sadley prayerfully creates handwritten Icons (painted images) to individuals and churches in the ancient Byzantine tradition using egg tempera, all-natural pigments, and 24k gold.
The Communion of Saints, sacramental life of the church, prayer, and belief in a loving God, have always been vital to Kristina.
Supported in prayer by her husband Jim, she has taught Icon Retreat Workshops in the method of the Prosopon School and given Presentations in several US States as well as Cambridge, England, and Tbilisi, Georgia. Kristina’s work and iconography have been featured in TV, radio, and newspaper. She is ever grateful for the many Church and private commissions in the USA, Russia, Armenia, and Georgia.
Through the Prayer of her heart, Kristina offers the work of her hands in creating Prophecy Designs Icons, creatively sharing God’s Love in the world.

What is an Icon?

‘Iconography of Life’ Icon by the hand of Kristina Maria Sadley

“Byzantine Art begins where ordinary art ends. The divinely inspired art of iconography is simple and profound, as are all things in Orthodoxy, because they spring from the Gospels. An icon conveys theological meanings through mystical colors and forms”

Photios Kontoglou

God said, “Let there be Light” – not light from a source, but rather, light in itself. In our Icon writing, we use symbols to testify to God’s presence.

Considered primarily as a work of worship and secondarily as a work of art, Icons are the visual Theology of the Church. Stemming from the Greek word, eikona, meaning a likeness profile or a figurative representation – an image.

Icons are not craft, not art; it is a liturgical method and a ministry.  The catechism states, ‘Christian iconography expresses in images the same Gospel message that Scripture communicates by words.’  This is the reason that painting an Icon is properly referred to as ‘writing.’  An iconographer is a writer of images.  I meditate on God’s Word and pray to worthily portray the holy word in image.

A depiction of Christ, the Mother of God, a Saint, an Angel, or depictions of the historical events in the life of Christ and the life of Saints.

Iconography offers a window to the heavenly realm, opening the Light of God’s Word to our minds and our hearts, revealing hope and a manifestation of Divine presence within us. When you pray and look at a blessed icon, you invite the Holy Spirit to come to you, and you know that God is near.

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