Icon Workshop Retreat

Come experience “Prayer of the Heart through holy work of the hand” — a Guided Retreat-Workshop in the practice of Icon writing. Kristina Maria Sadley guides attendees in the prayerful practice of icon writing. During this retreat, each participant will complete an original Icon, working prayerfully in the beautiful, ancient Byazantine tradition on a wooden panel using egg tempera, all-natural pigments, and 24k gold leaf. Experiencing Icon praxis leading us towards the contemplation of the Heavenly Kingdom. No previous artistic experience in necessary to attend.

Icon Presentations

Kristina Maria Sadley offers ‘Praying with Holy Icons’ and ‘Theology of the Icon,’ a one-hour presentation and introduction to the Symbolism in Christian Iconography. Beauty of God revealed through holy icons has enriched her life and the life of many others. Kristina shares the Love of God through holy Icons.